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Vocational Training & Academic Studies

Miftan and Meitar centers offer a vocational and rehabilitation framework combined with enrichment programs and academic studies. In a friendly atmosphere with unconditional acceptance, the student experiences authentic productive work, and acquires vocational skills and training in various workshops. The student receives a salary for producing, marketing and selling products to institutions or to private customers within the community.
Upon completion of the program, students are entitled to take an exam and receive a vocational certificate granted by the Ministry of Labour, Trade and Industry.

The vocational and rehabilitation framework is uniquely designed to provide individual training, and build confidence and self esteem. The program emphasizes the tailoring of a vocational and academic program to each student, as befits his or her complex of individual needs and scholastic level. It encourages the student to step forward and reintegrate into the social mainstream as a productive and self supporting independent adult.
The staffs at the centers are comprised of professionals from various fields, academic teachers, vocational instructors and a therapeutic staff allowing for inter-disciplinary team work which can relate to students' needs in various areas.
The vocational workshops’ curriculum includes: carpentry, auto mechanics, metal work, hairdressing, sewing, child care, baking & cooking, arts & crafts and enrichment programs.

Carpentry workshop
The students design, produce and market a selection of furniture and artwork to private customers within the community. Students also responded to the challenge of manufacturing furniture for the Formula PC Center, a donation of the Formula Group. www.formulasystems.com

Hair dressing workshop
The students wait on customers in the local community and experience hair styling, coloring, nail care and beauty treatments.

Baking and Cooking workshop
Students experience the art of cooking and baking, as well as table setting and food decoration. Students receive catering orders for private events and sell bread, cakes and cookies at the nearby mall during weekends and holidays.

Metalwork workshop
Students design and produce metal work: gates, security bars, fences and railings of all sizes for various locations. Products are being sold to private customers, schools, kindergartens and the Police force.

Auto mechanics workshop
Students receive customers from the community, and experience solving technical car problems; they acquire maintenance skills and become professional car mechanics.

Arts and Crafts workshop
Students design, produce, market and sell art work made by handicraft such as Judaica, advertising products, pure silver art work, Hanukah lamps, candle sticks, Passover plates, jewellery and much more.

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